Landscaping Ottawa: 3 Tips To Design A Beautiful Garden

Want a beautiful garden?

There are lots of ways to do it. Some people start with thinning out the plantings. Others create a full-on style of garden. But no matter what you do, these three tips will help you make your garden beautiful.

It’s time to plan your outdoor space to make the most of your natural surroundings.

Here are three tips to design a beautiful garden.

Landscape Design in Ottawa

If you’re looking for a Landscape Design in Ottawa, we may have only a little more than a year to plan outdoor living space before we lose our urban green space.

Tip 1. Prioritize Your Design

This is the first step to making a beautiful garden. You might decide to place specific plants or features in the garden – whether that’s a particularly striking or vulnerable plant or some striking feature. Once you have a plan, and you understand the function of the garden, you can decide what’s most important to include. Mostly it depends on your lifestyle. If you want a relaxing garden, then you might be more interested in adding a Zen garden. If you have a young family, you may want to create a child’s area. Whatever your priorities are, take the time to design the garden you want to enjoy. Tip 2 An Outdoor Room For The Family For many people, the main goal of the garden is for the family to enjoy it together.

Tip 2. Design A Style

Before you pick out a tree, shrub, or flower, take a moment to think about the style you’re going for. You want to establish a garden that’s both low maintenance and attractive. Here’s a simple guide to choosing plants that fit this style: Plants that grow tall in dense clumps. Plants that grow in a large central bed. Plants with white or pastel colored flowers. Plants with flowers that pop out. Plants that climb. Create a flower bed, edge garden, or ground cover in a patch of your yard that looks good, but could do without flowers. Tip 3Use Subtle Colors Plants that have red, purple, pink, or orange flowers generally have heavy, deep leaves and are great choices for trees. Although those plants are great for climbing, they also work well as ground cover.

Tip 3. Use Proximity

With yards, gardens and landscapes, location is everything. Place your plantings near your house and accessible from your driveway. Plant your plantings next to the house, in your driveway and on your front yard. This gives you maximum exposure to views of your home and passers-by. It is a classic way of planting to create balance and interest. You want your landscape to complement your home and your property. Focus on the exterior of your home as much as possible. This will create a balanced design that will do justice to the spaces inside. Tip 4 Set The Mood Your garden can take the place of a grand piece of décor that you can admire at any time of day. It’s important to make sure your garden is interesting and compelling to look at during the day.


When it comes to making your garden into a garden, to show off your outdoor space, the most important thing is to do it right. Planning a beautiful garden involves a lot of decision-making and deciding on the specific design elements that will make your garden a showpiece. The Best Perimeter for an Outside Garden With so many gardeners having more space to grow, a much larger perimeter is needed. The thing to remember when planning is to ensure that the space you have is bigger than the space you can actually grow. If you’re on a tight budget, you can focus on creating a layout with an area in the front for those plants you have a lot of, and an area in the back for those you don’t have as much of.